Veja and Bleu De Paname Collaborate With The Planet In Mind

Veja and Bleu De Paname are joining forces to create an ecological footwear capsule for retro sneaker heads and lovers of the earth alike. The primary materials used are suede, recycled polyester and hexamesh, a technical mesh made of 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled plastic bottles. In a world which can often seem dominated by wasteful fast fashion retailers, we should all be making a huge effort to source clothing as ethically as possible, and recycle what we buy whenever we can.

The unisex sneakers launch on April 18th, and feature the colour scheme of Bleu De Paname’s SS19 collection over Veja’s latest model, the Rio Branco.



Sourcing organic cotton in your clothing rather than buying products that use conventional cotton is much better for the planet - Its grown using non genetically modified seeds, and without using toxic synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. To gain organic certification, child labor is vetoed and workers are paid a fair wage. Chlorine bleaches and chemicals that can cause serious illnesses aren’t allowed, meaning a better livelihood for the people who are making your clothes.

If you’re yet to make the step into dressing green, this collection might be a good place to start!