Stussy High Summer Collection

Stussy was founded in California in 1980 by Shawn Stussy. The well-known logo started simply as a scribble of his surname and is now the logo seen as a huge part of streetwear and hip hop culture. Originally, the brands roots were surf apparel and boards and still today we see this in the Stussy brand. Its graphic, intricate designs on t shirts are what the brand is most known and loved for, but as it continues to prove it is not simply a graphic t shirt brand, Stussy has created collections full of silk shirts, great accessories and classic fit trousers and shorts.

classic logo t shirts in simple colours and using washed vintage styles, there’s no doubt Stussy continues to create great, unique pieces. Using influences from reggae music, Japanese art and the classic surf style. Its classic pre washed t shirts and jumpers also gives the brand a great reputation for its reliable, durable pieces that last for years to come, we now see vintage Stussy pieces being
collected the world over.

Stussy Big Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt - Green

Stussy Tonal Check Jacket

Stussy Sport Nylon Jacket Grey

Stussy Hanna Shirt

Stussy Leopard Print Linen Field Jacket