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The Libertine Libertine brand was incepted during the summer of 2009, in the new fashion capital of Europe - Copenhagen, Denmark.Libertine-Libertine Clothing is the brain child of Peter Munch Ovesen, Pernille Schwarz and Rasmus Bak. The motivation behind the brand was based around existentialism, superior quality and garments with high attention to detail. The Libertine-Libertine brand endeavors to stimulate the creative inner soul without the interference of the restrictive world around us. Inspired by contemporary culture, wild shores and city lights the the Libertine Libertine shirt collection defines effortless and assured style consisting of a take on new classics and seasonal styles.


Libertine-Libertine Clothing Fall 2011

— Multifaceted projects are launched simultaneously with like-minded collaborators, depicting a modern way of accepting life - one that embraces consciousness. Here at UrbanExcess HQ we can't champion the Libertine-Libertine shirts collection enough - the balance of staple pieces made from interesting new fabrics and more fun seasonal styles work seamlessly.  The result a LibertineLibertine clothes range that offers pieces from one end of the spectrum to the other. In their short life time the Libertine Libertine brand has gained a cult following for their original shirting concepts. The Libertine Libertine Hunter and Libertine Howl Shirt are particular favorites amongst their fans. Both styles come in array of the best checks,


seasonal solid colours and more interesting fabrics from mini herringbone twill to heavier washed jersey cotton. Don't think Libertine-Libertine Shirts is all they are good at - their simple twist on the Chino pant in the form of the Libertine-Libertine Count Pants and it's sister cut-off version, the Libertine Coin Shirts which an original chino short with their roll-up design. In addition there is a sterling range of Libertine-Libertine T-shirts, The Brake Anchor, Brake Stamp T-shirt and Libertine-Libertine Brake T-shirt sun bleaced in Peacoat Blue are three to look out for this season. By the way next season it gets even better, enjoy.

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