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Denim Demon

Denim Demon was created in Jamtland, 700 kilometers north of Stockholm, Sweden by three brothers, Oskar, Anton and Patric, and their Father Kellake. Jamtland is one of the main countries the Sami people regard as home. The Sami are one of Europe’s largest indigenous cultures with a history of over 2000 years. Reindeer herding, handcrafts and handmade clothing are the peoples main industries.

Every item produced by Denim Demon draws inspiration from the Sami culture. It could be a small detail like an antler embossed button, the colours of the South Sami region or handmade horn features. Denim Demon’s objective is to offer more than just a piece of clothing, its to offer durable, hardwearing and quality tested pieces whilst always keeping the Sami traditions in mind.

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