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M.P. Crafted Goods

M.P. Crafted Garments is a Danish-based knitting company with a history ofdedication in making high quality socks and accessories.Established in 1937 by entrepreneur Martin Pedersen, M.P. Crafted Garments holdsa respect for its attention to details, tailoring approach and eclectic use of yarn andthread.
With an undying passion for good honest garments, the brand draws inspirationfrom its own legacy in the continuation of its founder’s craftsmanship.Every year M.P. Crafted Garments presents its seasonal collections with newinterpretations of the classic knitted sock. Made with extra soft Oeko-Tex® certifiedyarn, the socks are crafted with a strong heel and toe reinforcement.M.P. Crafted Garments addresses the fashion-conscious man who appreciates aquality-knitted sock as a comfortable wardrobe essential as well as a stylishaccessory.

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